Type of therapy Description Duration Price, lv
Full body massage Prophylactic classical massage 45 min 40.00
Partial massage 20 min 20
Aroma massage Soothing, relaxing massage
/ working with essential oils of your choice and diagnosis /
50 min 45.00
Children massage For children under 12 years 20 min 20.00
Professional therapeutic massage For back pain, muscles, back etc. Most common problems – spikes, disc disease, discal hernia, sciatica. The therapeutic massage is a collection of massage techniques and methods.
/ treatment oils /
60 min 60.00
Sports massage Power and energy for relaxation of muscles. Helps people who engage with sports 40 min 40.00
Cellulite massage

Three options to choose from:

  • Manual massage with cosmetics that we offer
  • Massage with a sliding cup or honey for tightness of the areas
  • NUSKIN –galvanic device with American cosmetics
50 min 50.00

Manual therapy

Type of therapy Description Duration Price, lv
Chinese massage Touch to the East and balancing energies “Yin & Yang” 50 min 50.00
Su-Jok Massage the hands and soles of the feet 50 min 50.00
Foot massage With the accumulation of fatigue in the legs, gentle massage of the feet 50 min 50.00
Moxa therapy Massage of 30-50 min 1
Reflex massage Processing areas and points on the feet 40 min 45.00